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Looking for a career in bioinformatics?


Program Overview

bioinfo_vennThe University of Oregon offers a Master’s Degree in Biology with a focus in bioinformatics that is designed to meet the needs of industry, the medical field, and academic/government institutions in the new genomic era.

Recent technological breakthroughs in DNA sequencing mean that we can decode an organism’s genome in a matter of days. One implication of this technology is that it will become commonplace in the future to sequence a human genome for personalized medicine. Even more significantly, this new sequencing technology is fundamentally changing the way biology is being performed, including understanding gene function, studying human disease mechanisms, assembly/characterization of new genomes, and study of microbial ecology.

Modern training in the biomedical sciences now requires education in the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of this tidal wave of data. Few programs presently exist to provide this education. To address this deficit and train students in this new field of genomics, we have designed a program that combines graduate level courses with hands on experience in the field.


bioinfo1Students get hands on training in all aspects of acquiring and analyzing next-generation sequencing data including:

  • Learning genomic and molecular biology techniques
  • Writing scripts to filter and parse sequencing data
  • Exposure to topics including genome assembly and differential gene expression
  • Applying statistical tests to make inferences about data
  • Effectively communicating science, through writing, casual conversations, and more formal talks


The University of Oregon has partnered with a variety of companies and institutions that offer training opportunities to participants in the masters program. These required projects give students valuable hands-on experience and make important contacts that can lead to a career in bioinformatics.