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The University of Oregon has several facilities that provide support for genomics, bioinformatics, and high-throughput sequencing experiments. These include the Genomics and Cell Characterization Core Facility (GC3F) and a new High Performance Computing Research Core Facility.

DNA Sequencing and Genomic Facility

The UO Genomics and Cell Characterization Core Facility (GC3F) supports scientific research at the University of Oregon by offering genetic and genomic technologies. In-house services include microarray-based genotyping, microarray printing, robotics for high throughput manipulation of DNA samples, and next generation Illumina-based high throughput DNA sequencing and associated bioinformatics.

The facility currently operates an Illumina HiSeq 4000, a MiSeq, and a NextSeq 500. The NextSEQ 500 was purchased specifically for the Bioinformatics Masters Program. Additionally, GC3F offers PacBio sequencing on the PacBio Sequel system.

For more information visit the facilities web site at:

UO Talapas High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)

High-throughput sequencing experiments are data and compute intensive. The University of Oregon recently acquired a new HPC, Talapas, that is available for use by UO students and faculty to assist in analyzing their data. The system has pre-installed programs that are needed for analysis of next-generation sequencing data and provides large amounts of data storage.

For more information visit the systems web site at:

Research Resources

Data and mentoring for student projects are supplied by:

META Center for Systems Biology

Institute of Neuroscience

Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Institute of Molecular Biology

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology