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Nine month paid internships must be completed in order to satisfy requirements for graduation with a Master’s in Biology (Applied Bioinformatics and Genomics track). Internship credits (10 per term – Pass/Fail) are typically taken during the three terms following the required coursework on UO’s campus. Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA to graduate.

During the internship, students are expected to write one technical paper per term, hone the practical skills learned from the courses taken at UO, and develop new skills working in a scientific environment.

The general process of obtaining an internship:

  • Student resumes are made available to BGMP partners that express interest in hiring students
  • Partners select students to interview
  • Partners make offers to students
  • Students choose to accept or decline offer

We work with partners across the country. Each year, the partners that hire our students will vary due to internship availability. Student input is considered when we identify new partners. Internship locations* over the last three years include:

*Some internships vary from the standard 9-month timeline.