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Frequently Asked Questions from Prospective Partners

What is the typical academic background of the students entering this program?

Students typically have a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Math, Physics, or Computer Science.

What are my financial commitments as a partner?

There are no annual fees to partner with the program. Various factors impact salaries, therefore internship compensation is negotiated between student and company. We are happy to discuss average salaries.

Am I required to commit to internships every year as a partner?

No. All we ask is that you communicate potential employment opportunities when they arise so we may provide qualified candidates.

How do I select an intern?

Student resumes will be available in December. Students may be interviewed by phone, video call, or in person, and offers may be made to the students on the date designated by the program. Internships generally begin in April, but the start date is flexible.

What, if any, impact will hiring interns have on our IP (intellectual property)?

Interns are employed directly by the partner and the university has no claim to the IP generated during an internship. Students submit technical papers each term for class credit, but these papers are reviewed by the company to insure content does not infringe on sensitive data. Data within technical papers will not be shared.

When can I hire an intern as a “regular” employee?

You may make an intern an offer at any time during the internship.

Do students need to return to the University of Oregon campus to complete their course work after the internship?

No, students do not need to return to UO to complete coursework, and may transition from intern to employee without interruption if you choose to hire them.

What if an intern I hire doesn’t work out?

Open communication is encouraged with us throughout the internship so if issues do arise, we can help address them. If it is necessary to terminate an intern, we will support your decision.

Are there other ways to support the program?

Please see our partner page. The program and our students appreciate your support!