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Information for Current Students


Registration occurs through DuckWeb. Logging onto DuckWeb requires a student ID number and PAC number, which will be sent to you by admissions after you are admitted.

Each term, you must be registered by the end of the first week of classes. Course registration numbers (CRNs) for the summer courses and your internship credits are not listed in the general course list for the university and will be emailed to you by the program to your UO email account.

You will be required to register for 10 internship credits each term you are in an internship. Internships last nine months.

Photo ID Cards

To get your student ID card, take your driver’s license or passport over to the UO Card Office in the basement of the EMU student union.

Access to Facilities

During your time on campus, you have access to all the facilities other students do, including the Rec Center, Health Center, Technology Service Desk, Student Tickets to sporting events, etc.

Elective Course

In the fall and winter terms, students have the option to take a graduate level elective course in Biology, Chemistry, or Computer Science. Students are required to get approval from Leslie or Stacey before registering for their elective. Classes taken by students in previous years have included:

Internship Reports

During the internship portion of the program, you will be required to write a quarterly internship report each term. This five-page scientific paper might outline your research activities and the technical challenges you face – or you might explore a scientific problem related to what you’re working on that you’ve always wanted to learn more about – topics outside the bounds of your internship projects should be approved by the instructor of record for your internship credits. The instructor of record is the instructor listed with the CRN for those credits. Details of the report should not be so specific that they infringe on secrecy agreements. Internship reports are due Monday of finals week each term and can be sent via email to the instructor of record.

More information can be found here.


Students are encouraged to meet with Leslie Coonrod ( and/or Stacey Wagner ( to discuss your degree plan and to make sure the courses you plan to take are approved for your master’s degree, and to discuss any other questions or concerns you have about your progress in the program.