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Progress reports

Due the Monday of finals week. Please upload to Canvas as a PDF with the title (year_term_lastname.pdf).

Reports should no more than 7 pages and can be formatted in the style of your choice. Reports should include figures that you create yourself. You may include figures from the literature if you cite them properly.

Here are some examples:

  • A report that follows the format of a scientific journal article detailing your research
  • A literature review relevant to a biological or computational problem that is relevant to your work
  • A technical report outlining the choice of a pipeline and its performance
  • A technical report on best practices for analysis

Papers will only be read by the instructor of record, but make sure your supervisor approves the content. Be sure to avoid infringing on intellectual property.

Remember to:

  • Exclude sensitive data
  • Define all terms and avoid jargon
  • Reference appropriately
  • Embed figures
  • Include figure captions